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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 20, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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gnome. the "so you think you can to dance" liveetour...and how you can meet the contestants... tommrrow on fox44 mmrning neww. two fires in baltimore city... parked by molotovv cocktails.we'll have the latest on thh victims plus the search for suspects this mornnng. it's a dinner time staple.the dangerous cheeical found in some brands of rice. i stood up, looked and sure and... a children's movie interrupted by porn.the mistake that lead to children being exposed to an adult movie. 3 3
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3 thhrsday, september 20. &p 3 3 3
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baltimore police blame ffrebombb for two fires in northeast baltimore. they broke out yeeterday morning. morning.this morning... the search is on for suspects. megan gilliland is here with the latest in the investigation. good morning guys,both fires broke out around 4 o'clock yesterday morning... you're here... along mannasota avenue fortunately no one was hurt in this one. just a short time later... and less than a mile away...the second one happened here at the parkside garden apartments... where seven people including a child were injured trying escape. 3901 i was scared, i thought &pwe was going to die in there. i thought we was going to die becauus the window was jammed. (27:45)we ennouraged them to jump from the 3rd story.(28:30) they landed on me and the other guy police say... the timing and location of these fires both caused by molottv cocktails... point to the same suspects.
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no arrests have been made.but pe'll tell you what police are doing to solveethis crime.i'm meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. a teenager is shot in the chest... near a school in east baltimore. baltimore.police were called to the scene around 9:30, wednesday morning... on harford road....near east 25th street.a 19-year-old was taken to shock trauma.there is no word on his condition, this says he's a student at harbor city high school. p3&we now know the brutal way a elderly couple from pikesville ... died.police say the murderr weapons were two 20-pounds dumb-bells and a knife.vaughn and marjorie pepper's bodies were found inside their home, last weee.their grandson... 31-year-old matthew being held in an klahoma city dennention center, right now. oklahoma officials foond him.... unconscious in a hotel room...with a note saaing, "i'm sorry"baltimore counny homicide detectives have interviewed him.proceedings to
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have not begun yet. a proposed slots casino at the rocky gap lodge in western marylandis already being downsized... even bbforethey break ground. the developers promised to builda new facility with 15-hundred slot machines.butt they couldn't get private financing...and so they've decidee to put only 500 slots in a conference room.andd that's upset state comptroller peter franchot. (franchht) "i mean we were supposed to have a new ssots casino at rocky gap and creating 500 constrrction jobs, guess what, there is no new facility, there are no construction jobs." jobs."the new... smaller slots parlor attrocky gapis scheduled to open by memorial day of next year. the space shuttle endeavour continues its cross-country voyagg today... with a flight &pfrom houston at dawn. rettred spacecraft is heading across the soothern u-s to its final home... and itts taking the scenic route. 3 after a two-day delay due to baa weather, endeavour took off from kennedy space center
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in florida wednesday...riding piggy-back on a modified across the country.endeavour is being shown off to the public along the way on a tour that includes a series of flyovers at 15-hundred finished out the first leg in it's expected to make a fueling stop in el paso, texas on the waa to edwards air force base in california.along the way, it will make a special flyover of tucson, arizona---- a tribute to former congresswoman gabby giffords.. wounded in a horrific shooting almost two years ago.gifford's husband mark kelly commanded endeavour's final mission into space.on friday, endeavour will embark on a aarial tour of northern's final journey is along 12 l-a-x to the california science center, where it will become an exhibit.the city of los angeles agreed to raise power lines and cut down 400 trees to clear the ay for the shuttle's parade gett local support, the science center agreed to plant up to
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cut down.back in houston, a spectator was asked if he was disappointed the shuttle's two-day visit was shortened to one.well you know we'll take what weecan. los anggles is crying about the trees, but i pell ya whht they can keep the trees and we can keep the shuttle how's that?i'mmed payne reporting. nasa ended its 30-year shuttlee program in july 2011. endeavour... along wiih shuttles discovery, enterprise and atlantis... are all bbcoming museum pieces.during its career... endeavour... which rolled ff the assembly plant in 19-91.. flew 25 flights, covering nearly 123-million miles. consumer reports is issuing a warning this morning... about dangerous levelssof arsenic found in many brands of high doses... arsenic is linked to cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. the f-d-a says it plans to collecttits ownnsamples... and make a recommendation by the end of the year. he rice industry says tte concerns are overbbown.
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the world's first mile-hiih skyscraper... could become a reality by the yeer 20-25. 20-25.that's according to a chicago architect... who says pe's had recent discussions about building the tower in saudi arabia.the world's pallest building is currently in has 160-floors... and staads at more than 2- thousand-7-hundred feet tall. many parents are still making big mistakes when it comes to installing that's according to a survey where one in 5 pprents admit, thhy don't even read the direct. directions. this is "child passenger safety week", so we have joel d. smith live in &pnottingham with a certified installer to show us the other problems parents are having. good morning joel d. 3 good mooning guys. 3
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ive in nottingham, joel d. smiih fox 45 morning news.
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3 3 the o's do it again!they won their 15-th straight extra- innings game with a 3 to 1 victory over the seattle mariners, llst night. night. just one day... after the orioles played n 18-inning marathon that lasted almost six hours.adams jones hii a two-run hommr at tte top of the 11th inning.he gaves the o's a huge boost in it's race with the yankees for the lead in the a-l east .their off today... but play the but play the
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boston red sox... tomorrow. &pit all happened so ast! there is no warning, the glitch in their cable proviier...that caused porn to interrupt a disney movie... while two young kids weee watch. waaching. 3 3 [ female announcer ] with the 2-in-1 swiffer sweeper,
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the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. happy anniversary... to emoticon.30 years ago today... a professor at carnegie mellon &puniversity in pittsburgh... created the popular message symbols we use today. today. scott fahlman used the
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sideways smiley face in a post on an online electronic bulletin board. since then... different versions have been created... including one with eight... the frown... and, of course, the wink. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traafic reporter ad libs)) map bel air map wilkens map quarantine
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3 3 3 3 american airlines has canceled hundreds of flights this week and more cancellations are and more cancellations are on the way. find out what's at thh root of the problem.
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watching a disney movie quickly turnee into a mad dash for the remote ffr cody aacorn reports... she says her kids were watching the disney movie " lilo and stitch" through their satellite t-v provider when pornography suddenly popped up on screen. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- (nats)this is a typical morniig inside the brown's home---their children watching one of their favorite disney movves, lilo and stitch--and last wednesday it was no different--the kids wanted to see lilo aad, georgie brown put on the movie she had recorded forr them back on september seventh---you can see aal the details about the movie---it's rated p-g---and it aared in the middle of the afternoon-- but, one thing it does not do ii mentionnanything about sex-- "it givvs no warning, there is no warning, it comes n so quuckly, what they seen is so vulgar"at just over a minute into the disney movie, take a box pops up indicating (quote)
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part of the recorded event has been lost due to signal loss (end quote)--then seconds later--- the picture pixelates--- and then a man and woman having sex pop up on the screen--the video is so graphic we can't show it---and it goes on for almost six minutes--"i stood up, looked and sure enough, it was porn on my tv and my first thought was my children changee the channel. so i ran in here, trred to get the remote.. encouraging them to leave the room and trying to change the channel."but, brown figured out really fast--- her kids didn't change the channel--the clip was acttally inside the movie- "the 22-month old you can imagine maggie simpson sitting on a sofa wwtching porn that was him just setting there sucking his pacifer kind of clueless. the 5-year-old grabbed his ears and an out of the room screaming i didn't do it and the 3-year-old old
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was sitting there crying."the pornography finally ended, the credits rolled and then lilo and stich was back on--the question both brown and i are assing is... how did this happen?i talked to david guttey by phone--he's the contractor for dish who looked at brown's receiver and even he as at a loss for words- "i've been in the t.v. indussry for 15 years and i've never once seen that, it kind pf had me astonished there bud."and i asked what he thought might have happened. "to my knowledge that was nothing to do with the customer you know mashing buttons bc if thee would have stopped one and started another it would have set up another recording and it wouldn't have just followed on through."and there's a chance pnyone watching this program back on september seventh likely saw the same thing- brown says she's still waiting on answers from dish---but in the meantime is trying to work through this with her kids- "whhn i told them you guys were coming and to ix the t.v. they mimic'd the action
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and sound back to me..... uh huh and they're only 5 and 3." -----end-----cnn.script----- some of you will have to wait a little longer... even if you pre-ordered.for your iphone fiv. five.the reason behind the hold up! 3 [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though,
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g@a@u÷çñq 1 -reporter pkg-as follows --hundreds of flights have been canceled by american thousands of fliers.and it's not over yet.the airline says 1 to 2 ercent of its flights will be canceled through the end of october.that's about 17 to 34 flighhs a day. american influx of pilots calling in sick. the timing is curious, because the carrier and pilots' union are in the middle of contract talks.
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however, american doesn't believe the increase in sick days is organized action by the pilots.a union spokesperson sayy the same thing.another factor in the flight cancellations... maintenance write-ups... when crew members write up maintenance issues to check out.between the sick days and maintenance write-ups, american had big problems on monday...only 40 perccnt of its flights arriveddon time. the carrier is still in cut costs and renegotiate union contracts.but in the meantime, american sent out notices this week, warning that moreethan four thousand worrers will be laid off.with all those issues, american says it's cutting flights now for next month... so there's time to rebook people.i'm alison kosik in new york. a mother and daughter...fight back! back!how they over powered... a crook! [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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